Why should you sign up for a Cloudflare plan?

Why should you sign up for a Cloudflare plan?

Cloudflare is xBH recommended 3rd party partner that adds extra security and benefits to your website. xBH has partnered with Cloudflare to offer customers the benefits of an extra layer of DDoS protection, Best-in-class WAF, Global CDN, and a fast, and easy-to-use DNS.

Some of the benefits of having your site behind Cloudflare include:

Site load speed

CDN - Distribute your content around the world so it’s closer to your visitors

Cache - When resources on your site are cached on Cloudflare’s data centers, it allows us to send those resources to your visitors from a location closest to them


DDOS protection - When your website is behind Cloudflare, the DDOS attacks hit the Cloudflare servers instead of your website, allowing your website to remain online during the attack

Protection from SQL injection, spammers, and other online threats

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