TLS Protocol Standards

As of March 12, 2024, xByte Cloud services requires a service adjustment to maintain PCI-DSS compliance.

Q: What implications does this hold for xByte Cloud customers?

A: xByte will be required to deactivate TLS 1.1 protocols on servers to align with PCI compliance standards. This mandate comes into effect on March 31, 2024, in adherence to PCI-DDS version 4.

For customers who acquired a server from xByte before March 12, 2024, a code review is essential to ensure that the deactivation of TLS 1.1 does not impact your services.

This article is crafted to present a overview of the TLS protocols enabled and disabled across our cloud servers.

TLS protocols Status
SSL 2.0 Disabled
SSL 3.0 Disabled
TLS1.0 Disabled
TLS1.1 Disabled
TLS1.2 Enabled
TLS1.3 Enabled

NOTE: TLS1.3 is only applicable to Windows Server 2022.

If you are required to be PCI-DSSv4.0 compliant or need to make adjustments to your TLS protocols on your cloud services with us, then please reach out to [email protected] and we would be more than happy to assist